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I feel kinda bad for posting another coming out journal


I’m afraid people will think I’m fickle. 


Okay so I was half lying about being bi. Basically the bi part is true, the sexual part isn’t. 

Yes, I’ve made up my mind on this. I’m a Biromantic Asexual. 

I’m actually really relieved to say this publicly, because I think it’ll save a lot of people I know from having unrealistic expectations. 

I was in denial for a long time, because like a lot of people I thought asexuality meant being completely adverse to any kind of intimacy with another human being, which I am not. That is not true. You can be asexual and still have romantic affections. Asexuality is simply a lack of a sex drive. So you can still kiss and be intimate, but you don’t have sexual thoughts or get turned on thinking about sex. 

(The next part is a bit TMI so it’s behind a thing.)

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Just wanted to say that lack of sexual attraction to people & lack of sex drive are 2 different things. Asexuals can still have a sex drive & can still be turned on by sexual activity or stimulation, but not by any individuals since we don’t find anyone sexy. The lack of sex drive is nonlibidoism. Being a nonlibidoist isn’t necessarily unhealthy but it can be symptom of medical issues in some cases. I used to conflate the 2 for a while too. It’s funny, it sounds like my understanding of asexuality went the same exact way as you did.

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