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Human Sexuality Is Complicated

Reblogging so I can watch later when I actually have headphones. I see romantic orientation in the pictures there though so I’m excited. 

This is pretty awesome! It doesn’t cover EVERYTHING that could have been said on these topics, of course, but he did fit a lot in considering it’s a less-than-four-minute video, especially since he apparently only found out about romantic orientation yesterday. Thanks, Hank!

Yes! :D

Orientation =/= behaviour yeeeeees!

"So when the world becomes one of infinite continuums & those false dichotomies break down & those 2 shiny boxes break apart into 7 billion shiny boxes….it’s actually pretty beautiful." 

That’s a quote worth remembering.

I felt like it would’ve been nicer with more details on the diversity of all those things but it’s probably better of just like this. Very basic & easy (I think) to understand so it would probably be the best way to get through to someone who’s clueless on how complicated all of it is.

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